Expecting a new baby can be an exciting time for your family and we would love to share in this time with you as well. Because of the frequent visits required during pregnancy, it is important to identify a provider that you are comfortable with and trust.  All of our providers have been trained to provide exceptional preconception, prenatal, and postpartum care. 

We provide a pregnancy confirmation visit which can be scheduled when you receive a positive home pregnancy test. After this visit, you will be seen monthly beginning at 8 weeks through the first and second  trimesters (until week 27), every two weeks during the third trimester, and weekly in the last month of your pregnancy. 

Our physician and founder of Compassionate Family care, Dr. Laura Ray, delivers all babies at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Through both her personal and professional experience, Dr. Ray feels this facility offers some of the best maternity and newborn care in the city. You may click the button for more information about the hospital. 


Helpful links for the expectant mother: